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Crop & Livestock

Insurance to protect your crops.

We can help you select the right crop insurance for you. Crop insurance comes in two different forms: revenue insurance and yield insurance. Yield insurance can protect you from when your crop yields dip below what your policy’s threshold is due to an approved insured cause of loss (such as drought, excess rain, etc). Revenue insurance can cover more of your livelihood by also covering you against drops in the market prices according to your policy.

You never know when mother nature will strike.

In three to five minutes, a hailstorm can severely damage your crops, profits and your farm’s future. Crop Hail coverage will protect you against physical damage from hail and/or fire.

Insurance to protect the animals you rely on.

We want to help you protect the animals you rely on. J & K can help you find the right Livestock Mortality and Livestock Risk Plans for your farm or business. Livestock Mortality insurance provides compensation for you when your livestock is injured or dies from accidental or natural causes.  Livestock Risk Protection can protect you from a drop in prices due to unforeseen economic or market fluctuations. J & K also has the ability to provide Equine Insurance. Equine coverage ranges from mortality, emergency colic, surgical, major medical, stallion infertility, international transit and equine liability and events. 

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