Why Choose Us?

Our History

Founded almost 40 years ago, J & K Insurance and Real Estate is about providing you with dependable protection you can count on.  With J & K, you will receive the service you deserve, we will treat you as a person not a policy. We are committed to finding the best services for you and providing them in a timely fashion. 

J & K Insurance is an Independent Insurance Agency, we work with the most trusted insurance providers to give you peace of mind.


We are locally owned and managed.  J & K is dedicated to finding you the best fit for your coverage needs and help you solve any problems that may happen along the way. 

We are dedicated to helping people live the good life every day. Try the J K Way today! Where helping you protect what you own is more than business, it is our privilege. 

Agents in our Sutherland office are Iowa Public Notaries. 

Our Staff

Mark Fuhrman - 

Mark is the owner of J & K Insurance. Mark has over a decade of experience with the company and specializes in financial services, crop and livestock insurance. Mark is a fully licensed agent located in Sutherland. markfuhrman12@voyafa.com  712-446-2663

Stacey Ewoldt - 

Stacey has been serving the needs of valued customers for several years now with J & K Insurance. Stacey is a fully licensed agent who specializes in commercial, life and health insurance located in Sutherland. staceyewoldt@gmail.com   712-446-2663

Jessica Wimmer - 

Jessica started with J & K Insurance a few years ago and looks forward to a bright future serving her community. Jessica is a fully licensed agent who specializes in crop, equine, home and auto insurance located in Sutherland. jessicamwimmer@gmail.com    712-446-2663


Katie Baker - 

Katie has been an insurance CSR for 15 year and has recently joined our team in the Moville, IA office. katiejkinsurance@gmail.com   712-873-3123

Mark Harris - 

Mark is a fully licensed insurance agent and has recently joined our team in the Moville, IA office. harriscfg@wiatel.net    712-873-3123

Jennifer O'Connell - 

Jennifer is a fully licensed insurance agent and has recently joined our team in the Anthon, IA office. theoconnellagency@outlook.com   712-717-5641